A Few Tickets Left for Google+ Lunchinar on Feb.29, 2011. Why not feed your brain at lunch?

Launched by Google on June 28, 2011, Google+ is a social networking platform that hosts over 62 million users, with 625,000 new users every day! Why is Google+ racking up fans so quickly? Because Google+ is:

  • A Search Engine’s Dream: brand pages and +1 rankings showing up directly in search results
  • A Virtual Office: its Huddles, Hangouts and Docs features allow live web-conferencing, chat and document sharing
  • A Shrewd Sharer: Google+’s Circles function means content can be shared with specific groups, keeping personal and business strictly separate, and facilitating targeted marketing

Profiles to Pages, Hangouts to Huddles, Anne will introduce you to the tips and tricks for building a gutsy Google+ presence!

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