Website accessibility is knowledge every website publisher should know. Accessibility is the mark of caring, community-minded organization

Our seasoned and animated web coaches happily share their expertise one-on-one or with a group – live or online – leaving confident, website accessibility-savvy clients. Participants will learn:

  • AODA regulations – does your website comply with legal standards?
  • how to test website features for accessibility
  • easy ways to make websites accessible to those living with disabilities


AWEBthatWORKS offers a wide array of flexible training options to suit your unique requirements and budget.

  • One-on-One Training – We’ll come to you, you can come to us, or we can meet virtually using screen sharing/web conferencing software.
  • Group Training – We’ll train your group at the location of your choice, or setup a web conference for up to 15 participants, using screen sharing/web conferencing software.
  • Lunchinars – We’ll train you on the most popular topics via regularly scheduled web conferences with 4-15 participants.


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